The new Ampcart will protect, elevate, wheel, and microphone-mount your guitar amplifier and speaker cabinets; all these elements are featured into one product model.  It is designed to present a clean amp appearance and style at home and on stage, and itís also a perfect match for amplifiers and cabs with custom or manufacturer-supplied slip covers for use during transit. With our patented design and adjustable length and width sliding mechanism, a custom case will not always be necessary because your guitar amplifier or cab will fit in one of our two models.  more info
Ampcart      Designed for Guitar Amplifiers
and Cabs for Home, Recording Studios and Live Performances
Wireless Site Survey Kit for Mounting
and Powering Access Points on a Mobile Platform
Caster Tray crafted the WiFi Surveyor as a mobile indoor and outdoor access point and antenna mounting system for conducting wireless site surveys. It mounts access points and antennas to optimal height and location, enabling the WLAN Engineer to achieve increasingly accurate readings of the RF environment.

The Surveyor provides a mobile platform that supports the necessary tools for obtaining the best results. It is designed to work in conjunction with any wireless site survey software such as Ekahau and AirMagnet, meets requirements for airline travel, and is compact enough to stow away.  more info
Stackable, modular rack system available as a floor-standing, tabletop or wheeled unit. more info
For the band musician, the new Amprac allows rack equipment to be mounted right where it should be: on top of combo amps or cabinets. more info
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  Amprack Mount
Rack Equipment on Top
of Amplifiers, Amp Heads and Cabinets with Handles
Modurac      Modular Racks
for Pro Audio and Data
Networking Equipment
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