Indoor and Outdoor - A Better Way to Survey

Carrying and keeping track of the battery pack, power injector, access point, tripod, clipboard and laptop on every room and on every floor slows down the wireless site survey. Caster Tray’s Wifi Surveyor is designed to enable smooth transition from area-to-area to achieve access point desired location and height for optimal simulated RF environment setting possible when performing WLAN surveys. The ability to efficiently roll enables easy movement throughout the site premises. The rigid aluminum mobile platform is equipped with heavy-duty casters. It has a placeholder for laptop/clipboard and a built-in open-end, strapped battery pack holder to accommodate different type of battery packs. The detachable aluminum alloy frame welded structure maintains the balance with the telescopic pole and universal horizontal/vertical AP mount even when fully extended with caution. The Wifi Surveyor indoor can extend up to 12 ft. in height while the Wifi Surveyor outdoor warehouse reaches up to 22 ft. in height in a rugged side and front adjustable platform base, 3-pole tower configuration.

For the power section, the Wifi Surveyor indoor and outdoor warehouse models are both capable of POE+, legacy POE and optional UPOE. The POE+ power injector is a 4-port, 56V, 30 watt rated, 802.3at with both power output and data input. An optional UPOE port combiner cable when inserted to two POE+ ports will deliver the required power requirement of 60 watt per port. Up to 4 ports of POE+ ports can be converted to 2 ports of UPOE. A single port POE 802.3af with power output and data input is also available with both Wifi Surveyor units.

The Wifi Surveyor Event Internet model is a set up used for events and conferences where a temporary internet access is needed for an event. It is also ideal for emergency back up internet set up for rapid fast deployment of Wifi access to existing network. It has the same specs as the Wifi Surveyor outdoor warehouse but without POE power. The 3-pole tower configuration can accept 3 access points and 3 patch antennas in a 360 degree mounting layout. A removable 3-rackspace rack (or optional 4 rackspace ) is included to accommodate either network switch, wireless controller or rack UPS.

The Wifi Surveyor Indoor, Outdoor Warehouse and Event Internet fit in included wheeled watertight, airplane-safe Pelican or SKB case and padded nylon shoulder-carry pole case. Whether from in-house or contractor project WLAN implementations, the Wifi Surveyor is compatible with leading wireless site survey softwares such asĀ  Ekahau and Airmagnet and are uitilized worlwide by 600+ wireless LAN engineers.