About Caster Tray

Caster Tray is a Chicago-based company established in 2008 and is the manufacturer of its first product- the Ampcart, designed for guitar amplifiers in the music and entertainment field. Whether for home or gigs use, the Ampcart is an ideal alternate choice for any road case currently on the market. We are continually developing new products for business and consumer use. 

Caster Tray developed the WiFi Surveyor for mounting Access Points and Antennas. This professional mounting system is designed for mobility and portability, making it an important tool when conducting wireless site surveys.  It has gone to many upgrades and improvements, making it the wireless engineer choice to complement their site survey softwares for both in-house or contract projects. We sell and support directly both our USA and International clients.

Another Caster Tray brainchild is the patent-pending Teracoustix acoustic guitar feedback buster, an innovative design for acoustic guitars to control both feedback and volume. This product will debut in Summer NAMM Show in Nashville 2019.

The Ampcart, WiFi Surveyors and Teracoustix line of Caster Tray products are all made using quality components at our manufacturing and assembly facility in Chicago, IL. We are committed to producing high-quality consumer grade USA-made products for our client base.